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Experis Ciber, PEAK-IT and iSense are merging into Experis Netherlands, one of the country’s largest IT staffing firms.

Experis Ciber specializes in consultancy. PEAK-IT and iSense focus on IT staffing. Between 2015 and 2018, the three were acquired by ManpowerGroup, an international staffing firm. Ever since, the companies have been part of Experis, Manpower’s IT division.

Initially, PEAK-IT and iSense continued to operate under their own name. ManpowerGroup took its time to merge clients and employees. The fusion was recently finalized. The companies merge into Experis Netherlands, an IT staffing firm with more than 1,500 employees and 500 clients.

Experis Netherlands

The companies already serviced major clients in recent years, including the Dutch Ministry of Defence, ABN AMRO and Signify. The core business remains the same. Experis Netherlands provides IT professionals to customers in need, just like the companies it was built on. New clients can now turn to a single point of contact. “A one-stop-shop for various IT solutions”, described a spokesperson.

IT secondment

Companies are struggling with labour shortages worldwide. The demand for staff is rapidly increasing. For many companies, IT positions are the most difficult positions to fill.

ManpowerGroup sees dark times ahead. According to the organization, IT career paths are increasingly flexible. Technology is changing, jobs are changing and professionals require education to match employers. That’s where Experis Netherlands comes in. Its owner, ManpowerGroup, has the capacity required to upskill employees.

“As a local staffing firm, it’s impossible to keep up with international IT changes and innovations,” said Thijs Vermaat, Managing Director of Experis Nederland. “Through our size and clout, we can provide the IT professional, and thus our clients, with the latest knowledge and skills in IT.”

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