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CadCorner and GPO Solutions are now known as Innoptus. The IT service providers have been working as one since 2017. Changing names is the next step.

CadCorner and GPO Solutions provide software and consultancy services to clients in the manufacturing industry. Among other things, the companies adapt and implement software for machinery, allowing customers to collect data and improve efficiency.

CadCorner was founded in Belgium in 2011. GPO Solutions was founded in the Netherlands in 1993. Since 2017, the companies have been working as one. In the same year, the companies joined 4ITEGO Group, a new parent company.

Initially, the companies continued to operate under their own names. Now, the companies will continue as Innoptus. “This is much more than a rebranding”, shared Xavier Werbrouck, CEO of 4ITEGO Group. “This is a strengthening of our partnership.”

“We’re creating clarity”, added sales director Robin van Raak. “In addition, we will continue to harmonize our processes. This should ultimately lead to better service.”


The core business remains the same. The company continues to focus on customers in the manufacturing industry. For instance, Innoptus helps modernize production environments. The company designs and implements software for connecting devices and collecting data.

Sometimes, the supply chain of machine parts needs to conform to software implementations. Hence, product lifecycle management (PLM) is an important part of the offering as well. “Those who don’t think about digital transformation will sooner or later run into problems and be overtaken by companies that do”, Werbrouck said.

Broader is better

Innoptus has a sister company. Infinite Simulation Systems was acquired by parent company 4ITEGO Group in 2020. The organization develops and implements simulation software. By simulating product designs, customers can cut back the number of physical prototypes required, which saves time for further development.

Although Infinite Simulation Systems retains its own name, the company closely collaborates with Innoptus. Thereby, 4ITEGO Group broadens its portfolio. That’s the way forward, says Van Raak. “Since 2017, our revenue has more than tripled, thanks in part to a broader product portfolio.”

“We want to continue on that path”, he added. “However, that’s only possible with the right people.” 4ITEGO Group needs staff to keep up with growth. The organization hopes to fill most of its vacancies by the end of this year.