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PTC is launching ThingWorx DPM for the industrial sector. The solution analyzes production processes, recognizes bottlenecks, proposes solutions and presents the effect.

ThingWorX DPM (Digital Performance Management) aims to reduce the working hours required for industrial production processes. To start, DPM maps and presents real-time production processes via a dashboard. Next, the solution applies analytics to identify bottlenecks. It calculates problem causes and areas for improvement. After an organization implements the recommendations, the solution continuously monitors the effect.

Monitoring and change management

Monitoring isn’t exclusively performed to track the impact of changes proposed by DPM, but almost any change introduced to a production process.

The effects of change is expressed in gained or lost working hours. Working hours are an understandable KPI for everyone involved in a production process, from plant employees to the C-suite. Understandability is important. To achieve its goal, DPM ultimately requires a multitude of stakeholders — from senior managers to mechanics and cleaners — to follow suit.

Adopting any software-driven insight requires change management. DPM is no exception to the rule. If the entire organization understands the value of change, change is achieved more quickly. Hence, DPM’s understandable KPI is a welcome feature.


The introduction of DPM fits within PTC’s strategy. The organization develops ThingWorX, a suite of IIoT software solutions. The suite is expanding by the year. At this time, PTC provides cloud, on-premises and SaaS solutions for the complete digital transformation of manufacturing processes and organizations. Think of building IIoT networks for data collection, analyzing IIoT data and implementing improvements.

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