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Private investor Egeria acquires managed service provider Arcus IT. Egeria announced its intent last May. The acquisition was finalized recently.

Arcus IT is a managed service provider (MSP) with approximately 300 employees. The company has several offices in the Netherlands, including in Zwolle, Rotterdam and Amersfoort.

Arcus IT grew rapidly through various acquisitions. The IT specialist was founded in 2016 and took over five companies in the first four years. In 2020, the MSP started working closely with Pride Capital Partners, a private investor from Amsterdam. Between 2020 and today, another five companies were acquired through funding from Rabobank, among others.

Exit Pride Capital Partners

Egeria’s acquisition means Pride Capital Partners’ exit. Managing partner Lars van ‘t Hoenderdaal commented that the cooperation was a mutual pleasure: “Arcus IT is a perfect example of how Pride’s management and shareholders can boost growth ambitions.”

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