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Celus raised $25M in a series A funding to develop a self-mechanized and automated electronic circuit board design.

The German startup reported that it raised $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Earlybird Venture Capital. Investors Plug and Play, Speedinvest and DI Capital took part. This funding was raised to manufacture self-mechanized circuit designs using artificial intelligence.

Automating electronic circuit boards

Designing an electronic circuit board is challenging. Traditionally, piercing all circuit board components is a manual process. Companies require skilled engineers.

First, a diagram of the basic components of the circuit board is needed, including capacitors, resistors and sensors. Linking all components is an attentive and diligent job.

Celus developed a platform that automates electronic circuit board design with the help of artificial intelligence. Its main purpose is to aid the flow of information between the customers and electronic circuit designers so that products are made as per their need.

The platform is designed to repeatedly perform tasks and produce products en masse. All boards are made with accuracy and are consistent. Human error is reduced because of automation.