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AWS Cloud WAN is generally available. The solution allows customers to set up and manage a complete WAN environment through a single cloud-based console.

The new solution allows organizations to consolidate on-premises data centers and cloud infrastructure into a single global network (WAN). The service eliminates the need to set up multiple umbrella networks, which often leads to complexity.

Cloud-based WAN

Customers can build, manage and monitor a so-called ‘unified global network’. The solution connects to the various AWS cloud environments and regions, as well as Local Zones and AWS Outposts located in on-premises data centers.

The service also integrates with various third-party SD-WAN providers, including HPE Aruba, Aviatrix, Checkpoint, Cisco Meraki, Prosimo and VMware.

Cloud-based console

The cloud-based management console is key to the release. The console allows users to configure network segments, monitor network health, implement security policies and automate security workflows.

The cost of AWS Cloud WAN is based on usage. Four factors determine the price: the number of Core Network Edges (CNEs) deployed, the number of connections to CNEs, the number of Transit Gateways peered with CNEs, and the amount of traffic processed.

AWS Cloud WAN service is available immediately in multiple cloud regions, including Frankfurt, London, Paris and Stockholm.

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