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Paessler expands its collaboration with Lansweeper, a Belgian IT asset visibility provider. The joint solutions provide companies with more options to monitor and manage assets within IT, IoT and OT environments.

The collaboration should deliver more options for managing IT environments, reducing potential risks and lowering costs. Understanding and monitoring IT assets can improve efficiency.


Lansweeper’s solutions provide companies with complete visibility of all IT assets across environments. This makes it easier to detect, monitor and resolve unknown and known risks. Among other things, users can configure alerts to be triggered when the value of an asset changes.


Lansweeper’s functionality complements Paessler’s IT monitoring. Paessler’s technology allows companies to monitor the health and performance of services and systems throughout corporate IT infrastructures.

In addition, the collaboration with Lansweeper offers new integrated functionality in Paessler’s solutions. One example is a new integration framework and API that allows Paessler PRTG to retrieve asset data from Lansweeper. Features include using out-of-the-box REST Custom Sensors as EXE/Script Sensors.

Paessler isn’t the only IT company to intensively collaborate with Lansweeper. Last year, Lansweeper strengthened its partnership with ServiceNow.

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