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Pure Storage introduced an analytics tool for energy-efficient storage. With Pure1 Sustainability Assessment, companies can optimize FlashBlade//S and legacy systems’ energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

According to the storage vendor, Pure1 Sustainability Assessment provides insight into the environmental impact of datacenter environments. In addition, the solution should recommend measures to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The service focuses on FlashBlade//S and legacy storage systems. The solution provides detailed information on energy consumption and savings opportunities. The tool shows the power consumption in individual arrays and compares the data to nominal stats. In addition to individual arrays, the tool can show consumption for all applications present in the datacenter.

Managing CO2 emissions

CO2 emission monitoring is an important aspect of Pure1 Sustainability Assessment. Emissions are calculated based on the energy consumption in each array. Pure Storage also provides tools that allow companies to see how they can optimize their energy consumption based on Watts per unit. Using the data, the solution makes calculations and delivers proactive insights to lower CO2 emissions.


The tool is part of Pure Storage’s strategy to reduce the environmental footprint of its storage applications. Similar releases include its DirectFlash technology, always-on deep compression and Evergreen architecture. When combined, the solutions make the FlasBlade//S systems twice as energy efficien as older versions.

The Pure1 Sustainability Assessment features are being deployed immediately to systems in the Pure Storage storage array portfolio.