Companies do not prepare for increasing energy and data consumption for AI

Companies do not prepare for increasing energy and data consumption for AI

Most companies are not prepared for the growing energy and data demands of using AI solutions and applications. This is stated by storage specialist Pure Storage in a recent study.

According to Pure Storage’s recent research, most companies are currently ill-prepared for the energy demand and data performance required for the use of AI solutions and applications. Especially as more and more companies want to use these types of solutions and applications.

Not prepared

About three-quarters of respondents say they are not yet prepared for the high energy demand and performance that the use of AI will bring. This is not due to ignorance. In fact, many respondents noted that the use of AI is going to affect their (data) infrastructure in one way or another. There is also an awareness that this will require measures.

For example, almost half of the respondents who are already implementing AI have already had to scale up and double the computing power used.

Problems caused by lag

Some of the problems companies are encountering due to the backlog are increased pressure on IT teams to solve the problems faced by data teams and increased costs necessary to upgrade the required infrastructure. Furthermore, respondents see poor power and data requirements making it more difficult to effectively deploy AI for their business.

Een staafdiagram dat het percentage mensen weergeeft dat er een probleem mee heeft.

Many upgrades planned

Fortunately, Pure Storage’s researchers do find that companies want to do something about these problems. Nearly all respondents plan to upgrade their IT infrastructure. This mainly involves implementing data management tooling, processes and data storage infrastructure.

Moreover, a large majority want to ensure that these upgrades also contribute to making business operations more sustainable. Just over half of respondents expect that implementing energy-efficient infrastructure hardware is going to contribute to their ESG goals.

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