VMware introduces SD-WAN client for remote workers

VMware introduces SD-WAN client for remote workers

VMware launched a new SD-WAN client that focuses on providing security, network quality and management capabilities for remote workers. In addition, the organization introduced a solution for private mobile network environments.

As hybrid working normalizes, more and more employees work from home. Network and security demands have shifted as a result. VMware provides an answer with its recently introduced SD-WAN client.

According to VMware, the solution is a step beyond the VPNs commonly used to connect remote workers to corporate networks. The SD-WAN client provides users with functionality similar to traditional VMware SD-WAN environments, including secure connectivity, error correction and a single management dashboard.


The management environment uses AI to simplify operations and improve connection quality with the VMware Edge Network. It identifies optimal network paths to the cloud environment and proactively suggests solutions for detected problems.

Optimal network path identification and forward error correction should ensure minimal packet loss in connections. As a result, remote employees have the same experience as colleagues in branch offices.

The new client flawlessly works in conjunction with VMware’s SD-WAN solution for branch offices. The entire architecture surrounding the client is cloud-based, helping customers move to SASE and zero-trust environments more quickly.

New PoPs

The client is based on technology from Ananda Networks, which VMware acquired earlier this year. VMware is launching 16 new Points-of-Presence (PoPs) to facilitate the new client in Asia-Pacific, EMEA and Latin America, among other regions.

Private 4G/5G solution

VMware also introduced a new software suite for private mobile networks. The suite will be made available through operators and is based on the VMware Edge Compute Stack. It allows companies to set up and deploy 4G or 5G connectivity for edge applications.

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