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As a result of the partnership, T-Mobile’s business customers will gain access to Lyfo.NET, a software solution that allows sim cards to connect to an alternative network when the primary network fails.

If it were up to Lyfo, the Netherlands is the first step. The company aims to provide its dual sim solution to operators throughout Europe.

The technology isn’t new to T-Mobile Netherlands. Consumers already have access to smartphones with dual sim cards, which allow a device to connect to an alternative network in the event of an outage.

The partnership with Lyfo expands T-Mobile’s business offering. Lyfo is the developer of Lyfo.NET, a software solution that routes sim cards to optimal backup networks when a primary network fails.

T-Mobile Netherlands is currently integrating Lyfo.NET into its business portfolio. The release date is unknown.

Lyfo.NET and T-Mobile

Ultimately, organizations with high uptime requirements will be able to add the service as an add-on to mobile subscriptions. Think of police, fire brigade and ambulance services, as well as companies in healthcare, security and logistics.

The foundation of the upcoming service is similar to existing dual sim solutions. Mobile devices receive two SIM cards: one for T-Mobile’s primary network and one for a backup network.

Lyfo.NET runs in the background, constantly looking for an optimal backup network to use in the event of an outage. As soon as the quality of the primary connection drops below an agreed-upon level, Lyfo.NET automatically switches to the backup network.

The switch is hardly noticeable. According to Lyfo, the process takes place in under 100 milliseconds. Once the primary network connection is restored, Lyfo.NET automatically switches back. “Essential for life-threatening situations”, said T-Mobile Business CCO Léon Toet.

Why Lyfo?

Lyfo.NET has a large pool of alternative networks to choose from. The technology uses roaming, allowing the service to function both in the Netherlands and abroad. “With Lyfo.NET we can guarantee even more coverage and quality”, Toet added.

Lyfo isn’t the only company that develops dual sim software solutions. T-Mobile has several vendors to choose from. Nevertheless, Lyfo caught the provider’s attention. “The partnership came about because of T-Mobile’s enthusiasm for our solution”, Lyfo CEO Maurits Zandbergen said.