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Despite ongoing international restrictions, Huawei CEO Eric Xu’s shared a positive outlook for 2023 in his annual New Year’s message.

The Chinese tech giant’s CEO described US sanctions as the new normal. In spite of persistent trade limitations, Xu claims Huawei is “back to business as usual”. The company expects to report sales of over €85 billion ($91 billion) for 2022, up 1 percent from 2021. The definitive report on 2022 will be released later this quarter.

IT infrastructure revenues reportedly continue to grow steadily, while the decline in device sales is said to have slowed. In addition, Huawei claims it increasingly sells digital energy applications and Huawei Cloud services. Furthermore, income from automotive applications reportedly rose significantly.

Xu indicated that Huawei will remain dependent on macroeconomic conditions in the coming year. The organization expects to sell more products and services in the areas of digitalization and CO2 reduction.

Plans for 2023

The CEO emphasized that the company needs to invest more in research and development, product quality based on ISO 9000 standards, digitizing IT infrastructure products and bolstering Huawei Cloud as the basis for various services from itself and vertical markets.

In addition, as Xu feels the organization is under greater scrutiny, existing contracts will reportedly be further analyzed and adjusted where necessary.

According to the CEO, regional branches at home and abroad are to be given more opportunities and autonomy — especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining staff. Huawei sees well-qualified personnel as an important prerequisite for building and retaining local markets.

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