Atos CEO Yves Bernaert resigns immediately over disagreement

Atos CEO Yves Bernaert resigns immediately over disagreement

Atos CEO Yves Bernaert has resigned from the French company with immediate effect. The reason for his departure is a disagreement with the rest of the Atos board over the company’s strategy in recent years.

Since 2021, Atos has been restructuring its operations and considering a possible company breakup. This is due to the company’s significant debt (more than €2 billion) and the approaching deadline for repayment.

Internal disagreement

A recent disagreement over the strategy within the French company’s board led to Bernaert’s immediate departure. This reports Bloomberg.

Bernaert’s departure is said to have been an internal disagreement on the strategy to be followed within the Atos Board of Directors. In particular, it would involve adjustments and implementation of his plans.

In a press release, Atos speaks of a “restructuring of the management” of the company. Bernaert will be succeeded as CEO effective immediately by Paul Saleh. Saleh was, until now, the company’s CFO.

Divestment of business units

Part of the new Atos strategy is to sell various business units. It was recently announced that Airbus is interested in the French company’s big data and cybersecurity divisions.

In addition, negotiations are still ongoing with Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky’s investment fund EPEI for the Atos business unit Tech Foundations.

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