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Digital civil rights organizations recently filed a complaint with the EC against LinkedIn. This business social media platform is allegedly using privacy-sensitive data to display advertisements.

According to the complaint to the EC by Bits of Freedom, EDRi, Global Witness and Gesellschaft für Freiheitsrecht, LinkedIn violates the rules of the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Privacy-sensitive data for ads

Based on investigations, the business social media platform was alleged to be violating DSA regulations, especially when it comes to using privacy-sensitive information to display targeted ads. Examples include data on sexual preference, political views and ethnicity.

According to the movements involved, the DSA now provides ample opportunity to hold parties like LinkedIn to the law. LinkedIn is registered by the DSA as a Very Large Online Platform (VLOP) and is required to comply with the stricter regulation of this European law. The legislation has become active for smaller parties since Feb. 17 , as well as punitive. Since then, it has been possible for organizations and users of the online platforms to sue for violations of the law.

Little else known

As it happens, the interest groups do not provide any specific substantive information as to why it is suing LinkedIn. According to the organizations, this is because the complaint is now pending and therefore cannot be discussed publicly. However, the privacy advocate does say it will keep the public informed.

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