Apple gets observer position on OpenAI’s board of directors

Apple gets observer position on OpenAI’s board of directors

Apple may get an observer position on OpenAI’s board of directors. The position is part of the deal the two companies recently struck.

Bloomberg reports, based on sources, that Apple may get an observer position on the board of directors. The observer position won’t give Apple voting rights or other decision-making powers, but it should strengthen cooperation between the two companies. As an observer, the iPhone maker will gain insight into the decision-making process within the AI company. This will give it the same position as Microsoft, the major shareholder of OpenAI, obtained after the board of directors was realigned.

Phil Schiller, the former head of marketing and now responsible for Apple’s App Store, has been named a possible candidate for the position. His position on OpenAI’s board of directors would begin later this year. At this time, neither party is commenting on the rumors.

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Remarkable position

The combination of Apple and Microsoft as observers on the board of directors is remarkable. This is especially true when collaborations with either of these two parties are discussed within the board, which they want to keep discreet. In the US it is, however, common for observers to leave meetings (temporarily) if certain sensitive matters are discussed.

Apple – OpenAI deal

The deal between Apple and OpenAI is not currently about financial matters. With OpenAI’s technology, Apple gets access to ChatGPT, which it can integrate into its products and services. For its part, OpenAI gets access to hundreds of millions of end users for its services.

Apple, which is also developing its own AI technology, is also in talks with other AI providers for integration into its ecosystem. Talks include Google and Anthropic.

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