Apple acquires Fleetsmith, an expert in remote device management

Apple acquires Fleetsmith, an expert in remote device management

Now, more than ever, IT departments have had to help employees set up their devices so they can work remotely and efficiently manage their devices. A service that makes this process easy to do can come in handy. Apple knows this, and for that reason, they acquired Fleetsmith.

Fleetsmith is a startup that helps companies achieve effective remote device management. Apple did not publicize the acquisition, but Fleetsmith announced it in a blog post. None of them talked about the acquisition’s price tag.

The startup builts technology that utilizes Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, which allows IT departments to bring devices online as soon as the employee powers them up.

A simple concept

Zack Blum, the company’s CEO, said last year during their $30 million Series B funding: “from a customer’s perspective, they can ship devices directly to their employee. The employee unwraps it, connects to Wi-Fi, and the device is enrolled automatically in Fleetsmith.”

Since they launched, they have added other layers of useful pieces beyond the automation of the registration. They included updating the OS automatically and updating security. They also allow IT to see on a dashboard, the status of all the devices under management.

The future of Fleetsmith

It is an interface that is very efficient. Apple will continue working with Jamf, the current market leader in Apple device management. However, the acquisition of Fleetsmith gives the company a remote management option when it is crucial to have one. 

The founders of Fleetsmith were happy about the deal. The company has raised more than 40 million dollars from investors that include Upfront Ventures, Harrison Metal, Tiger Global Management, and Menlo Ventures.

They will continue to sell their product through the company’s website. At this time, they say they are dedicated to the delivery of Fleetsmith to institutions of all sizes all over the world.