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Mimecast, an email security provider, has recently acquired MessageControl messaging security provider, which wa owned by eTorch. MessageControl service uses AI to detect and control social engineering activities by securing messages.  

The acquisition offers Mimecast the opportunity to enhance client emails’ security and ensure that sensitive information is shared with the intended parties only. The terms of the deal were not disclosed during the announcement.

An AI-based technology

The MessageControl service uses AI to create a library containing emailing patterns of an individual and then uses it to identify any unusual patterns using graph technology. For instance, a user may be prompted to check the recipient of a particular message if the AI detects a deviation from the usual pattern.

This helps users to make sure that emails are not accidentally sent to the wrong recipients. The service can also prevent leaks that are a result of misaddressed emails.

Mimecast will provide Microsoft 365 users with maximum protection following the acquisition now that impersonation and phishing attacks are becoming more advanced. As Peter Bauer, Mimecast’s CEO, puts it, “MessageControl is a natural complement to Mimecast’s suite of cyber-resilience solutions.”

He added that the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the service would boost the company’s defense by learning and adapting to the users’ behavior with time.

One of the many solutions to a pandemic’s problem

The company also noted that phishing and spamming has dramatically increased as attackers took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to ramp up attacks on enterprises.

According to a Mimecast’s recent report, a surge in impersonation attacks was reported by 60% of organizations. 85% of organizations agreed that web and email spoofing rates would remain constant or increase in the months to come.

Before the acquisition, Pitchbook said that MessageControl had received $4 million from investors like Founder Equity through venture capital funding.