Microsoft updates Azure AD for users to manage their account security

Microsoft updates Azure AD for users to manage their account security

Azure Active Directory My Sign-Ins is a new feature from Microsoft that reviews and reports unusual behavior based on the sign-in history of enterprise users. The feature allows users to detect any attempts of signing in by guessing the password.

The user will also be able to see whether the attacker successfully signed in and the apps and locations that they might have accessed.

Microsoft added buttons for individuals to report unusual activity on the My Sign-Ins page. They can choose either “This wasn’t me” or “This was me.” 

A simple and convenient process

If they choose the former, a dialogue box appears telling them that someone may have gained access to their account and prompt them to change their password and review their security information.

To secure their account, the user is directed to the security information page where they can update their authentication methods. In case the user chooses “This was me,” a dialogue box would also appear thanking the user for their feedback.

With this feedback, Microsoft has created a simple and accessible way to improve the accuracy of the risk detection systems. On the other hand, system administrators can check the audit logs to monitor the choices users make. Admins can use logs to help users confirm or dismiss a risk.

Easy access for reporting

There is also a “Recent activity” section that users can visit if they have experienced any unusual activities. Users can report any suspicious incidents by clicking “Look unfamiliar? Secure your account.”

The consumers’ need for better filtering was also catered for by Microsoft. A search bar at the top helps a user to view only what they had specified. For example, “Unsuccessful” sign-ins by attackers who guess the password. The feature is also mobile-friendly.

A similar feature is also available at for the security of one’s email.