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Attorney General Jeff Rosen said that the U.S Justice Department is going full tilt on the tech antitrust probe. The investigations target large companies like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Even though he said that he could not commit to a date by which the department would bring the suit against Google, he said that they are taking this probe very seriously. “We are going full-tilt. It’s a major priority”, he said. He added that they have a great team working quite hard to get info out of all the documents.

They are also hearing from people who work in the industry and investigating everything. There are multiple probes against Google and also other tech giants like Amazon, Apple and Facebook are being investigated.

It’s about antitrust, not politics

Rosen added that the probes are not political. He said that the goal is to act very quickly to make sure that they give accurate reviews based on each of these tech giants’ merits. He said he is aware that there are so many people for whom theses probes are a sensitive issue. In the end, it’s about anticompetitive practices from these tech giants, that are not easy to investigate.

Many media companies have reported that the U.S Department of Justice is going to file a lawsuit against Google. In March, Attorney General William Barr told the Wall Street Journal that he wanted the U.S. Justice Department to decide on the final decision for the Google probe in the summer.

Many states will likely join the Federal Antitrust Lawsuit against the tech giants.


The Google spokeswoman, Julie Tarallo McAlister, said; “while we continue to engage with ongoing investigations, our focus is firmly on providing free services that help people every day, lower costs for small businesses, and enable increased choice and competition.”