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Gartner released its estimate for global IT spending in 2021. The predictions indicate the sector will grow by 6.2% over the course of this year and balance out the decline of 3.2% it saw in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The research agency says that enterprises were forced to invest in ‘mission-critical’ facets of the business and, as such, were forced to shore up existing business operations.

Instead of expanding and investing in new technologies, the businesses were intent on surviving the pandemic. It emerges now that the CIOs have the opportunity to start thinking beyond what remote working requires.

Remote work and study will persist for a while

The social distancing measures are in place, and it has been proven that people can work from home en masse. The enterprises can now expand their IT sectors and enhance their plans to grow and recover from a bad year.

Gartner’s predictions say that every IT sector will see growth in 2021.

Remote working is still ongoing and has been made a permanent option in some of these companies. The rebound expected should be strong, as enterprise software will grow at a rate of 8.8% while devices are expected to go past the 8% mark as students study from home.

A return to techquilibrium

Previous estimates from the same agency put global spending in 2021 at $3.8 trillion. Even with the potential for optimism, the agency warns that the kind of spending seen in 2019 will return this year. Some countries will recover earlier than others.

The shift to remote and hybrid working models will continue as the death toll from the coronavirus continues to climb in places like the US, where the CDC warns it could hit 500k by February.

John David Lovelock, the research Veep at Garner, says that the ‘techquilibrium’ will return with IT spending growth in 2021.