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Fintech company Alkami has announced its intention to go public. The company expects to raise 150 million dollars. In other financial news, SoftBank has bought a 40 percent stake in robotics company AutoStore.

Alkami expects its shares to be worth between 22 and 25 dollars each. This corresponds to between 19 and 21 euros. In total, the company wants to raise about 150 million dollars, which is about 127 million euros. This would bring the total value of the company to over 2 billion dollars, writes Reuters. That is about 1.7 billion euros.

Alkami’s offering consists of a bunch of cloud platforms with which financial institutions such as banks can offer digital services to their customers. These include tools that allow users to make plans for their personal finances. Alkami argues that small banks usually do not have the resources to build such functions themselves and therefore turn to external providers and buy their services.

More than 160 financial institutions worldwide already make use of Alkami’s services. According to SiliconAngle, the company has grown by more than 50 percent a year on average over the past two years. The company will be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the ticker ALKT.

Billion-dollar investment into AutoStore

The Japanese investment company The SoftBank Group has meanwhile announced that it is investing 2.8 billion dollars in robotics company AutoStore System. With this roughly 2.4 billion euro, the investment company will get a 40 percent stake in AutoStore.

AutoStore specialises in designing and building warehouse robots. These robots can, for example, bring boxes of goods around warehouses. The company also makes software to optimize the movements of robots in a warehouse.

In a press release, AutoStore says that its systems can store up to four times as much inventory in the same warehouse or the same amount of stuff in a quarter of the space. AutoStore claims to be applicable in many different industries, including e-commerce, groceries, industrial or healthcare.

SoftBank’s 40 percent stake gives it a seat on AutoStore’s board, along with other major shareholders Thomas H. Lee Partners and EQT Private Equity.

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