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It was alleged that Apple’s ready with the latest iterations of MacBook Pro as the company goes into volume production.

Rumors were floating around that Apple will launch a MacBook Pro with a mini LE backlit display, technology previously used for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro screen. However, the rumors seem to be confirmed in a supply chain report that has just been released,

According to Digitimes, the mass production of these new MacBook Pro models has just started. It is anticipated that between 6-800,000 units will be created by November.

How will the Mini LED be beneficial?

Mac users will be benefitting from the Mini LED, as it will work as a backlight for them, which presents several advantages. Using several thousand mini LED backlights instead of smaller LEDs in a smaller amount, Apple has more control over the illumination patterns of the backlight.

This enables better HDR support, better color representation, and contrast ratios of 1 million to 1.

Is the news completely reliable?

Digitimes have generally hit the nail regarding production and supply chain scheduling; however, very little is known about the latest product features. However, because the rumors have been so consistent, it does seem likely that the new MacBook pros will be mini LED ones.

It was rumored that, back in June, there was a shortage of mini LEDs being produced, which could have impacted the production of the MacBook Pro. But, it seems to be resolved.

Moreover, the rumors have proposed that the new MacBook Pro will come out in both 14 and 16 inches before 2021 ends. It will come alongside mini LED backlighting. In addition, the models may include features such as the M1X or M1 chip, MagSafe, a better 1080p webcam, and maybe even ports that had been removed previously.