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Kingston is coming out on the 23rd of August with an industrial-grade microSD card specifically designed to be used in extreme conditions.

A new microSD card is being launched by Kingston. It is made to be highly reliable and superiorly endurable across all industrial applications. In addition, the Kingston industrial microSD card has been designed for use in extremely harsh conditions.

The Kingston Industrial microSD will be released on the 23rd of August, 2021. There will be a warranty of three years as well.

Features of the new hardware

The Kingston Industrial MicroSD comes with several industrial-grade features, such as:

Advanced ECC engine

– An Error Correction Code engine is incorporated within SSD controllers to detect and correct most of the errors affecting data.

Bad block management – Bad blocks contain one or multiple invalid bits that are guaranteed to be reliable. Bad block management can develop during the device’s lifetime or when it is shipped. Bad block management helps manage error bits in SD cards.

Wear leveling

Wear leveling helps storage devices evenly distribute P/E cycles within all blocks. As a result, it ensures the prevention of premature wear out of blocks that have been overused to be used to their maximum capacity. In addition, it improves the durability, reliability and extends the lifespan of the memory card.

Health monitoring tool

This should help in managing the lifespan of your SD card.

Power failure protection

The PLP mechanism ensures no data is lost during data writing during the event of a sudden power failure.

Dynamic data refresh

To improve SSD endurance, dynamic data refresh runs in the background automatically, consecutively scanning the user’s area flag record while the SSD is not running host commands, making sure data is safely stored. At the same time, the read/write operation takes place.

Garbage collection

This feature helps empty as many blocks as possible so the SSD can write data without needing a block to be erased.

Auto-refresh read distribution protection

This technology helps to improve the integrity of data within rad-only areas by monitoring read counts and error bit levels during each read operation.