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DocuSign announces further plans to invest in startups that develop new solutions and applications for the electronic signing of documents. Correspondingly, the digital signature specialist founded DocuSign Ventures, its own investment company.

DocuSign Ventures wants to collaborate with startups that develop innovative solutions and applications more frequently, ultimately changing the way contractual agreements are reached, recorded and managed.

Developing new solutions

By working closely with and participating in innovative startups, DocuSign aims to help its customers in finding and integrating new solutions. Said solutions include technologies that facilitate the process prior to signing contracts, as well as the logistics and processes that arise after signing a contract.

Technologies of interest

DocuSign says it is interested in investing in technologies that automate processes leading up to a contractual agreement, deliver AI functionality, manage and verify identities, facilitate digital payments and automate compliance. Vertical products, such as mortgages and loans, are mentioned as well.

Initial investments

Leading up to today’s announcement, DocuSign Ventures invested in numerous startups that fit the aforementioned picture. The company’s current holdings include Snapdocs, BlackBoiler, DataGrail, Pactum, Seal Software and Clause.

According to the company, these investments led to multiple improvements of its own DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform, such as AI-based contract analytics and smart agreement capabilities.

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