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Apple has recently paid out massive stock bonuses to employees. Bloomberg speculates that the tech giant aims to prevent employees from switching to Meta.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has increasingly been trying to prevent talented employees from job-hopping to competing tech giants. Its sights are particularly set on engineers. In the past few weeks, various employees have received additional bonuses in the form of shares, valued between 44,000 euros ($50,000) and 160,000 euros ($180,000).


The bonuses differ from the incentives that Apple traditionally provides. Employees typically receive a base salary, cash bonuses and shares. Between 10 and 20 percent of Apple engineers are said to have received an additional share bonus in the past few weeks.

Active recruitment

Silicon Valley tech companies are known to aggressively recruit talent. Meta is said to have enticed about 100 Apple engineers to transfer in recent months. Most of the engineers work on AI.

Adherently, Apple is said to have been having difficulties retaining its staff. A strict return-to-office policy may be part of the problem.