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Orange Business Services (OBS) and Move Capital have a common goal; to assist, support, and fund French and European tech companies in the B2B space. The investment in Move Capital I by OBS aims to facilitate the development, emergence, and sustainability of European tech sovereignty, a hot topic that’s captured the bloc’s imagination amid the ongoing (now abating) chip shortage.

The B2B technology ecosystem is going through changes that include the deployment of 5G, data boom, the rise of the Internet of things, migrations of services and solutions to the cloud, and the need to shield these ecosystems from cybercriminals.

Boosting innovation among EU companies

Orange Business Services sees these rapid changes as confirmation of the importance of cultivating trust in partners. The digital economy’s structure is changing, focusing on creating an ecosystem of partners to combine leading technologies that can effectively cover all companies across the entire value chain.

Orange Business Services’ partnership with Move Capital I fund is a confirmation by the French telecom giant that it would like to be a stakeholder with a recognized panel of European companies that show promise, to enhance innovation.

Ecosystems and trust

Laurent Godicheau, the Chief Strategy Officer at OBS, said the company is convinced the investment in Move Capital I represents an opportunity to anticipate the customers’ needs, strengthen services innovation and knowledge to deliver a flexible B2B ecosystem. The investment further deepens the telecom company’s ties with Move Capital and Kepler Cheuvreux Invest teams and the ecosystems associated with them.

Sophie Sursock and Hervé Malausséna, the co-founders of Move Capital, expressed their joy at Orange’s show of trust in the fund, adding “we have a common vision and a willingness to support the emergence of French and European tech companies to further strengthen that ecosystem.”