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Iron Mountain is extending its new partnership with The Climate Group, a non-profit organization. The Climate Group challenges partners to meet climate goals. Iron Mountain is tasked with electrifying all of its company cars by the end of 2030.

A daunting task. Iron Mountain’s fleet consists of more than 5,000 vehicles. All company cars must be electric by 2030. The same goes for half of all delivery trucks.

IT can be sustainable

Iron Mountain provides services for securely destroying privacy-sensitive data. If you want to ensure that data never ends up in anyone else’s hands, the organization is the place to turn.

In the past, Iron Mountain destroyed servers and hard drives to achieve its goal. Although safe, the method is very damaging to the environment. That’s why the organization regularly invests in greener alternatives — for example, its recent acquisition of ITRenew, a leader in refurbished data center hardware.

Today, Iron Mountain announced a new partnership with The Climate Group. The non-profit organization runs on donations from businesses. Its funding is used to motivate and help organizations meet sustainability goals.

As a member, Iron Mountain is tasked with electrifying a portion of its fleet by 2030. The organization promises that all company cars and half of all vans will be electric from that point on. The initiative is part of EV-100, through which The Climate Group challenges various organizations to greenify their fleets.

The long term

The Climate Group and Iron Mountain have been working together for some time. Iron Mountain is a member of the RE100 initiative. RE100 members are tasked with transitioning their entire organization to renewable electricity. “We’re 80 percent there”, says William Meaney, President and CEO of Iron Mountain. “All of our data centers now run on renewable energy.”