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Venafi has announced Firefly, a tool to assign machine identities in cloud-based environments. This allows organizations to ensure that the entire IT infrastructure meets security requirements.

The company presents Firefly as an easy-to-deploy container in an existing cloud-native environment. Users can define machine identity policies through the Venafi Control Plane. The cybersecurity vendor promises a number of key features.


Control Plane offers the ability to make machine identities visible on a local data center as well as the cloud and edge. Thus, the security policies of these components are conducted in one place. This is why Venafi talks about a high degree of consistency: the identity issuer can name each trusted entity in the same way. Reliability would be guaranteed by the fact that Firefly requires little infrastructure to actually run. Finally, the new tool offers several deployment options, from cloud-native to DevOps.

Venafi says the tool answers the demand for more security in the cloud. CPO Shivajee Samdarshi emphasizes the increased efficiency that development teams can benefit from. At POS system manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf, at least, they are pleased with the new tool. “At our company, it is a priority to restructure legacy applications to be cloud-native. We need to give developers and platform teams a lightweight machine identity issuer that works on any cloud platform, is super fast and easy to deploy.”

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