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Acronis is coming out with a new EDR solution. Acronis Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) will enable more functionality within the existing Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

According to Acronis, adding the additional functionalities is for a good reason. After all, VP of Security & Trust at IDC Michael Suby states that endpoints are everywhere and cyber threats are on the rise. “But solutions that are difficult to deploy and maintain are an obstacle. The best solutions deliver the advanced security of EDR and meet the needs of the IT professionals who use it. That means easy deployments and rapid detection, response, and recovery with AI and automation on board.”

Endpoints such as printers, smartphones, laptops and other devices can be a vulnerable part of the security chain due to overdue security. While phishing emails and software vulnerabilities are getting more attention when it comes to ransomware and malware attacks, it is unfortunately obvious for organizations to overlook these endpoints. EDR solutions therefore look at the activities of these endpoints to detect suspicious behavior. In addition, it provides opportunities to respond to them; in other words, the “response” in detection & response. This improves visibility, an essential topic of IT security.

Within existing EDR tools

Acronis EDR offers a number of out-of-the-box recovery options integrated with existing Cyber Protect functionalities. Think fast backup and recovery, endpoint management and endpoint security tools. With these, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) should quickly discover security incidents, analyze them and thus prevent downtime.

VP of Research at Acronis Candid Wuëst thinks other EDR tools are too complicated. This would create expensive and time-consuming processes for implementation and maintenance. “Acronis EDR delivers a robust EDR solution that is easy to deploy and use while following industry-established standards like the NIST cybersecurity framework and mapping to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.”

Organizations interested can check out the additional features within the Acronis Advanced Security + EDR Advanced Pack.

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