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Victims of a cryptomining attack in their Google Cloud, can now seek financial compensation. The compensation rises to a maximum of one million dollars.

Google is launching the Cryptomining Protection Program. The program provides financial protection for all Google Cloud users. They can receive compensation of up to one million dollars in the event of a cryptomining attack.

Showing own strength

Google introduces the program to highlight the strength of its Security Command Center Premium. The tech giant has made cryptomining detection a key component in this Google Cloud solution. Cryptomining remains hidden in many cases, as the hacker does not disclose to his victim that the attack took place. That does happen in a ransomware attack, for example.

According to the company, its detection tool works better than those that use analytics, cloud logs and information from APIs. Instead, the tool scans the memory of virtual machines for malware. In addition, the security solution looks for compromised identities. That is necessary because a compromised identity gives hackers an entry point into cloud environments to install cryptomining malware.

Microsoft instituted a ban on cryptomining within its cloud services late last year. By doing so, the tech giant wants to protect customers from cryptomining malware, which was already nesting in some cloud environments without the customers’ knowledge.