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SentinelOne takes the complexity out of vulnerability management

SentinelOne takes the complexity out of vulnerability management

SentinelOne presents its new solution Singularity Ranger Insights. With this, the company promises to take the complexity out of vulnerability management.

With Singularity Ranger Insights, organizations get a single console for vulnerability management across all devices. It allows companies to detect threats and prioritize accordingly.

“Working anywhere and everywhere has opened the door to an increasing number of vulnerabilities,” said Lana Knop, VP of product management at SentinelOne. “With Singularity Ranger Insights, security teams have a powerful tool that allows them to reduce the time, cost and complexity of managing vulnerabilities and significantly improve their security.”

Real-time insights

Singularity Ranger Insights is an extension of SentinelOne’s Singularity platform. It serves several purposes, including endpoint detection response (EDR), network detection, vulnerability management and compliance.

The solution provides real-time insights and continuously scans Microsoft, Linux and macOS systems for vulnerabilities. It does so for both physical, virtual and cloud-based devices. When a vulnerability is found, an automated workflow can be triggered to isolate the vulnerability.

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