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Cyber attack hits international hosting service of Leaseweb

Cyber attack hits international hosting service of Leaseweb

A cyber attack at Dutch company Leaseweb caused an outage of the company’s infrastructure. Only a few customers using the company’s cloud hosting solutions were affected. To minimize the impact, Leaseweb took critical infrastructure offline following the attack.

Leaseweb noticed suspicious activity in parts of its infrastructure early last week. To minimize the risks, the hosting provider took critical systems offline as soon as possible. On Thursday, the company informed its customers that it was in the process of reconnecting those systems.

Reducing risk

The email was obtained by BleepingComputer and reported the following: “On the night of Aug. 22, our monitoring systems detected unusual activity in certain parts of our cloud environments. The problem impacted a specific part of our cloud-based infrastructure, leading to downtime for a small number of cloud customers.”

A bigger impact was taking critical systems offline. This made parts of the customer portal inaccessible.

An investigation into the incident is currently underway. “To ensure that our services remain secure and reliable, we have strong containment plans in place and are working closely with a respected cybersecurity and forensics firm.” Our investigation is ongoing, but we have successfully brought the incident under control, improved our security measures and found no more unauthorized activity.”

International player

Leaseweb is a hosting provider that takes infrastructure services out of the hands of companies. Originally Leaseweb is a Dutch company, but it has grown into an international brand. This is reflected in its customer base, which exceeds 20,000 customers and the spread of data centres across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

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