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Arctic Wolf makes SOAR more accessible with acquisition of Revelstoke

Arctic Wolf makes SOAR more accessible with acquisition of Revelstoke

Arctic Wolf has acquired SOAR specialist Revelstoke Security. Revelstoke’s offerings will soon be integrated within Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Delivery Model. With the acquisition, Arctic Wolf hopes to make the automation of threat detection and response more accessible.

Arctic Wolf has not disclosed how much its latest acquisition cost. Chief Product Officer at Arctic Wolf Dan Schiappa notes that Revelstoke was the first to build a SOAR platform on a unified data layer. They also focus on a low- or no-code approach. This allows even employees without programming knowledge to get started with SOAR.

Communication problem

Where Arctic Wolf sees a gap in the market is making SOAR more accessible as part of a broader security package. Many different applications try to connect IT and security solutions but typically fail to do so in a consistent fashion.

This is where the unified data layer comes to the rescue. It acts as a translation layer between different IT and security technologies, creating a unified platform for automation and orchestration for all applications. This makes SOAR “turnkey” and much easier for organizations to implement than before. “With Revelstoke, we hope that customers will soon be able to unlock hundreds of additional detection and response actions to further drive down cyber risk for organizations of almost any size,” Schiappa said. He characterizes Revelstoke’s offering as the “Rosetta Stone” of SOAR solutions.

A key issue raised repeatedly by security parties is that of too much noise. No one benefits from a mountain of security notifications if they are disorganized or contain many false positives. On that front, Schiappa emphasizes that Arctic Wolf shows an average of one actionable ticket a day for companies instead of the “thousands of daily alerts” an organization would end up with without the company’s software.

The offering continues to expand

So Arctic Wolf is still expanding its own offering. Earlier this year it brought a SecOps warranty of up to $1 million to Europe. Last month, it also made its Incident Response services available on the continent.

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