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Arctic Wolf is making its Incident Response services available to Europe. The services guide organizations on cybersecurity issues before, during and after an incident.

Ransomware has become the star player of cybercrime. Despite the term frightening businesses, there are too few resources in place to be prepared for an attack, according to Arctic Wolf. According to the cybersecurity firm, this is due to a shortage of talent and ongoing macroeconomic uncertainties.

Because companies are not getting the cybersecurity talent in the organization, they will have to use the expertise of a partner. Arctic Wolf is, therefore, expanding the reach of its Incident Response services to Europe, increasing the pool of cybersecurity partners that European companies can turn to when an incident has occurred.

Fixed price and rapid incident response

According to the cyber security company specialising in monitoring services, the offering is suitable for companies looking to minimize downtime and the financial impact of an incident. Incident insights are gained by combining data from the Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud and insights from the Arctic Wolf Incident Response team. Data collected from the cloud includes both operations conducted to improve cybersecurity and threat intelligence data.

The offering lets companies pay as incident response services are needed based on a subscription-based model rather than annual pre-purchased service hours. Further, it ensures that experts are available within the hour of the incident response service request. Finally, the services have a fixed price for certain types of cyber incidents so as not to drive up the already high cost of an incident unnecessarily.