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Palo Alto Networks buys Israeli Talon Cyber Security for 581 million euros

Palo Alto Networks buys Israeli Talon Cyber Security for 581 million euros

Palo Alto Networks has recently acquired Israel’s Talon Cyber Security for 581 million euros ($625 million). This puts it in control of a security specialist that offers a secure business browser platfom.

Talon Cyber Security has only been operating for two years so far. The company offers a business-oriented browser platform called TalonWork. With it, companies can give their employees secure access to cloud applications they need for their work. While this secure browser environment is based on Chromium, it has added a range of security features to prevent attacks.

Features TalonWork

TalonWork ensures that employees’ browser installations have certain settings enabled that make the browser less susceptible to attacks. One example is a measure that prevents hacks on the browser’s rendering engine. That component, among other things, handles multimedia processing, but can be exploited by malicious actors.

De Talion Enterprise-browser ondersteunt en beschermt uw organisatie.

In addition, the secure business browser environment can encrypt corporate data before the user downloads it. This makes it impossible for hackers to obtain it while having any use for it. Furthermore, TalonWork can also restrict access to only the most important and necessary parts of cloud-based applications, a well-known strategy for keeping sensitive privileges inaccessible to cyber-attackers.

Administrators can control installations of TalonWork on employee devices through a cloud-based dashboard environment. Among other things, this dashboard shows potentially malicious browser extensions and helps with tasks such as downloading security updates.

Lucrative for employees

Palo Alto Networks’ acquisition of Talon Cyber Security is potentially going to lead to a large payment for employees of the Israeli security specialist a lot. It is likely that $70 to $80 million will be paid out to them from the deal. Some employees are set to even receive sums of $1 million or more as a result.

It is not the first Israeli security player to acquire Palo Alto Networks lately. Tel Aviv-based Dig Security was acquired in late October.

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