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Rubrik AI assistant Ruby helps increase cyber resilience

Rubrik AI assistant Ruby helps increase cyber resilience

Rubrik has just launched Ruby. The generative AI assistant helps discover, investigate, recover and report cyber incidents.

Ruby will become part of the Rubrik Security Cloud. This cloud protects companies’ data from cyber attacks, monitors cyber risks and helps recover data and applications after incidents. If users wish, they can now contact Ruby within the Security Cloud. Follow-up questions can be posed to Ruby, for further advice and troubleshooting. Think about “has sensitive data been compromised?” or “what should we do to restore the environment?”

The AI assistant supports companies with a guided response process. This allows them to better investigate and understand cyber incidents. It can also increase the quality of the response. Rubrik thus hopes to further help companies resume essential business processes faster.


Rubrik uses multiple AI functions and automation features within the Security Cloud, and Ruby is intended to complement them. The goal is to support the detection of anomalous activity in application data to better identify malicious activity and determine the scope of an incident.

Also, as part of the AI effort, Rubrik offers the Sentry AI platform. This technology was introduced to provide proactive and targeted warning of potential problems before they affect business systems.

Basis of Ruby

“Ruby leverages Rubrik’s best practices and the experience of our own team of field recovery experts and ransomware recovery experts, who have already worked with hundreds of customers across industries,” explained Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer at Rubrik.

Rubrik is partnering with Microsoft for the AI Assistant to leverage OpenAI technology. These generative AI capabilities are combined with Rubrik’s Data Threat Engine to provide the assistant with the right threat intelligence.

Ruby will be made available in the coming months to Enterprise Edition subscribers who sign up for it. Over time, more Rubrik users will get access to the AI assistant.

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