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Rubrik accelerates data recovery for VMware customers with help from AI

Rubrik accelerates data recovery for VMware customers with help from AI

Rubrik has just introduced Rubrik AI-Powered Cyber Recovery for VMware customers. With the help of generative AI, it should be able to ensure minimal downtime after a cyber attack. Moreover, the amount of lost data could also be greatly reduced with the new solution.

Rubrik explains that cyber attacks are one of the most significant threats to organizations’ virtual machines (VMs). The company cites that only 16 percent of all companies manage to recover all data captured in an attack. Typically, this recovery takes a lot of time and effort, even for experienced IT professionals, which this new product is intended to be a remedy for. AI-Powered Cyber Recovery produces guided workflows and a task list that an LLM sets up to speed up and facilitate the recovery process.

Critical systems back up and running

“Cyberattacks can be highly unpredictable, and the complexity and sophistication of these threats make it challenging — if not impossible — for organizations to recover data quickly, safely, and with minimal data loss,” stated Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer of Rubrik. “We understand that every minute counts when faced with a cyberattack, and Rubrik AI-Powered Cyber Recovery helps organizations take advantage of every second, empowering them to get their business-critical systems and data back up and running. As we continue our mission to secure the world’s data, generative AI will be a key that helps customers unlock true cyber resilience more effectively.”

The company points out that the tool assists in being able to distinguish between files that have been hit and where they have not. That way, it is possible to return to a snapshot with as little impact on an organization’s normal operations as possible. Next, VMware customers can choose a number of templates of VMs for vSphere that should be secure.

We should expect some more announcements from VMware during VMware Explore 2023, which takes place this week in Las Vegas.

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