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SentinelOne and Snyk team up to secure cloud-native apps

SentinelOne and Snyk team up to secure cloud-native apps

At its OneCon conference, SentinelOne announced a partnership with Snyk.

“Developers are under increasing pressure to build applications faster, but they must also partner with their security teams to secure them across both their build and runtime environments,” said Ely Kahn, Vice President, Product Management for Cloud Security and AI/ML at SentinelOne. To support this, the two companies will now integrate SentinelOne Singularity Cloud Workload Security with Snyk’s Developer Security Platform.


In this case, SentinelOne provides the security product for detecting runtime threats. Think about ransomware, zero-day exploits and fileless malware. The platform automates the response to the threats. For its part, Snyk has a platform for developers to use for building secure software. The platform can find, prioritize and fix vulnerabilities in software.

The combination of the security solutions should automatically correlate vulnerabilities in containers discovered by Snyk with runtime threats in SentinelOne. That way, CloudSec, AppSec and developers will work better together to discover and address vulnerabilities. Also, the collaboration should help more quickly identify the root cause of runtime threats in container images by identifying vulnerabilities.

Further, SentinelOne hopes the collaboration will better support addressing the root cause of threats at the source. The combined solutions can proactively detect threats and automatically respond to stop the spread of malware.

Finally, SentinelOne says the integration will allow developers to take advantage of “continuous feedback and monitoring to prevent vulnerabilities from reaching production and verify misconfigurations in runtime to build a more secure production environment.”

The integration with Snyk is available immediately to companies that purchase or have purchased both products.

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