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SentinelOne adds end-to-end threat intelligence to Singularity platform

SentinelOne adds end-to-end threat intelligence to Singularity platform

Singularity Threat Intelligence is a collaboration with Mandiant Threat Intelligence. It gives SentinelOne deeper insights into the security posture of organizations.

Threat intelligence is an important part of cybersecurity. After all, it gives you much more insight into how attackers think and what techniques they use. As a result, organizations are better able to respond to this, because it also gives them a clearer picture of the weak points of the environment to be protected.

Organizations can, of course, use stand-alone tools for threat intelligence. However, with the ever-increasing pressure on security teams, an additional tool is not ideal. It only costs more time. Integrations between tools therefore make a lot of sense. That’s what SentinelOne is announcing today with Singularity Threat Intelligence. This gives security teams the combination of the SentinelOne Singularity platform (which includes the company’s well-known XDR solution) and Mandiant Threat Intelligence, in a single environment. It promises these teams end-to-end visibility into the threat landscape. It also provides insights that are actionable. That is, security teams can act on them immediately.

SentinelOne Threat Intelligence capabilities.

Currently, SentinelOne Threat Intelligence consists of three different components, we hear from SentinelOne. We briefly list these here.

  • Context: First and foremost, SentinelOne Singularity Threat Intelligence provides context. That means it assigns security notifications to specific attackers and attacks, malware strains and active campaigns. This should increase efficiency and effectiveness during cyber threat investigations.
  • Detection: the detection capabilities of the Singularity platform will become better and, more importantly, more accurate with SentinelOne Threat Intelligence. This is not just a feed of threat intelligence data namely. Singularity Threat Intelligence is fully integrated with the Singularity Data Lake. This greatly benefits final detections and accelerates responses.
  • Threat Hunting: no need to wait for something to happen. Singularity Threat Intelligence also allows you to actively hunt for attacks and attackers. You can proactively look for vulnerabilities in your environment.

Singularity Threat Intelligence is currently in limited preview and will be generally available by the end of this year.

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