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Internal IT environment TeamViewer hacked

Internal IT environment TeamViewer hacked

TeamViewer’s internal IT environment was recently the target of a cyber attack. The hackers penetrated the internal IT system. Russian state hackers from APT29 appear to be behind the attack.

The remote IT management provider discovered irregularities in the internal business IT network. This discovery activated cyber intrusion response protocols, after which an investigation was launched and mitigating measures were taken with the help of external cybersecurity experts.

The investigation into the possible breach is ongoing, with the integrity of the systems the absolute priority. TeamViewer states that the attacked internal IT system is completely separate from the production environment and customer data.

No customer impact

So far, the attack on TeamViewer has not affected customers. Should it do, the impact could be significant. TeamViewer says it has 640,000 customers worldwide and is installed on over 2.5 million devices.

Further announcements were not made, but TeamViewer says it will continue communicating about new developments as transparently as possible.

APT29 possible suspect

According to reports, Russian state hackers APT29 may be behind the attack. This hacker group is affiliated with the Russian security service SVR. The source of these rumors is said to be security specialist NCC Group. This party has not publicly given any information about this so far.

The U.S. healthcare security organization, the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center, is also said to have observed the hack. However, this organization has not yet confirmed the cause of the attack on TeamViewer.

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