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New Google Chrome attack can cause your Windows 10 device to crash

New Google Chrome attack can cause your Windows 10 device to crash

A new exploit has been discovered within Google Chrome, which has the potential to completely freeze Windows 10 devices. The exploit is part of a tech support scam, in which the user is told that there is a virus on his or her device.

This can be read on the site BGR. There we read about a new exploit that quickly causes devices to crash completely. There are already sites that actively exploit the exploit, but fortunately a solution is quite easy to apply.

The exploit

For the exploit, malicious parties take advantage of JavaScript code, to create a loop. This causes users to be unable to close the tab in question, or even the browser as a whole. Then there is a pop-up on the screen, which claims to be from Microsoft and which shows that the computer is infected with a virus. That would steal passwords, browsing history, credit card information and other data, among other things.

As it is a loop, the tab opens every time you try to close the tab as a user. This causes the browser to use 100 percent of the CPU power, which ultimately freezes the computer completely. It seems to be a legitimate problem and a real notification, but it is a fake and there is a simple solution:

  • Open the Windows 10 Task Manager.
  • Go to the tab where you can find the current processes.
  • Click on Google Chrome (or GoogleChrome.exe).
  • Then click on End task.

Then make sure that when you restart Google Chrome, old tabs don’t reopen themselves. If you do, you’ll end up on the same wrong site and the game will start over again.

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