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Cryptshare launches initiative to enable schools to communicate securely

Cryptshare launches initiative to enable schools to communicate securely

Cryptshare starts an initiative that allows schools to exchange confidential information safely. Together with partner company Unilogic, Cryptshare launches Safe communication in education. This helps primary and secondary schools to send privacy-sensitive e-mails and files safely.

Although it is very important for schools to be able to exchange this information safely, the means to do so are often limited. For this reason, Cryptshare makes the software licenses available free of charge and Unilogic provides hosting and implementation services. This will make it easier for educational institutions to comply with the European Privacy Directive (GDPR). At the same time, they don’t spend any extra time or money on it.

Further digitizing

Schools are digitizing more and more. For example, it is possible for parents to view their children’s figures in an app. In addition, more and more tests are taking place in digital environments and educational institutions process privacy-sensitive data in the same environments. And parents and teachers are increasingly communicating only via e-mail.

So there’s a good chance of a leak. In this sense, the arrival of GDPR also puts extra pressure on educational institutions. The rules are stricter than ever, with much emphasis on confidentiality and reliability of the systems used. Tight ICT budgets and at the same time a high workload in education make it a great challenge for schools to meet all requirements.

Providing a safe solution

Lucien Barink, initiator and general manager at Cryptshare, explains in a statement that the company has been successful in the Dutch market since 2011 and that it was therefore time to give something back. A parent wants to be able to communicate safely with the school about his or her child. At the same time, schools must also comply with GDPR legislation. Schools in particular have to deal with a limited amount of time and the means to be able to implement this properly. As far as we are concerned, therefore, this is an excellent way of giving something back to society, particularly in the field of education.

Together with Unilogic, an ICT service provider, he made a plan to offer all primary and secondary schools a secure solution for e-mail and file exchange. The result of this is the Safe Communication in the educational initiative that the companies are presenting today.

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