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Microsoft rolls out urgent update for Windows 10 update process

Microsoft rolls out urgent update for Windows 10 update process

Microsoft advises users to update the Windows 10 Servicing Stack as a matter of urgency, preferably before they receive regular updates. The stack has a bug that in combination with BitLocker gives nasty results.

If you are on version 1903 of Windows 10, it is a good idea to install an urgent update for the Windows Servicing Stack. De Stack is responsible for the regular update process, but contains a bug in the Secure Boot function. It can trigger a racing condition that pushes BitLocker into recovery mode.

Install for Patch Tuesday

It is not uncommon for Microsoft to roll out updates to the Servicing Stack, but a critical issue is not that common. The whole update process starts with an intact and well-functioning stack, since its purpose is just to take care of regular Windows updates.

It is therefore important to download this update for the regular package of cumulative Windows updates as part of Patch Tuesday. In theory, this should be done automatically via Windows Update, but you can also go to the Microsoft Update Catalogue to download the patch manually.


1903 is the most recent large version of Windows, which makes it very likely that the update is not yet active within professional organizations. In addition, Microsoft blocks the update to the new version itself in the case of a handful of devices that have been found to have compatibility issues.

Patch Tuesday security updates are rolled out for all supported versions of Windows, from the latest version of Windows 10 to Windows 7. The majority of users do not need to be awake from the Servicing Stack update. However, as always, it is advisable to get security updates as soon as possible. This month’s updates include a patch for a critical leak in Windows 7 32 bit, which hackers can exploit in the wild.

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