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Barracuda has announced the eighth version of CloudGen Firewall, with a number of new features, including improved SD WAN management and better protection of multi-client environments.

Barracuda announced in a press release that the latest version of CloudGen Firewall includes an API for automation, which allows cloud migrations to be fully automated. There will also be full automation of VPN connections across multiple cloud providers. In addition, VPN performance is 50 percent faster, and the performance of cloud networks has doubled. Applications hosted directly from the cloud have also been optimized.

Stefan van der Wal, Pre-sales Consultant at Barracuda, said the release was the biggest improvement in years. For example, the interface has been completely redesigned, which, among other things, simplifies the configuration. “This is fully in line with our aim to make the lives of IT professionals easier. In addition, new APIs ensure that the CloudGen Firewall is also very suitable for software-defined infrastructure, thanks to new possibilities for automatic VPNs,” says Van der Wal.

SDWAN management

There is also a new dashboard for an overview of the entire SD-WAN with information about the network. In addition, the CloudGen Firewall is now integrated with Azure Virtual WAN. Central Management, Zero Touch Deployment and Office 365 vWAN support are now available. In this way, according to Barracuda, cloud applications can perform to the best of their ability.

Alain Luxembourg, Benelux Regional Director for Barracuda, explains that SDWAN management can be quite complex. Many SDWAN products would normally take days to roll out. In addition, weaknesses can arise if they are not configured correctly. “The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is an all-in-one SD-WAN solution that is closely integrated with public cloud infrastructure. It provides organizations with the security and connectivity they need, combined with automation capabilities.”