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Some companies buy too much new security software, which gives their security teams little space to do their job effectively. New tools are underused, and employees spend more time managing the new software than actually using it.

ReliaQuest asked four hundred cybersecurity experts who work for companies that are 18 years or older and have more than a thousand employees. Almost three-quarters of all surveyed companies bought more than five new tools in one year.

71 percent said they were unable to keep up with the new technology. They can’t add the capacity needed to use the new software productively fast enough.

More tools, less security

Finally, 69 percent of the companies surveyed report that it takes more time to manage new tools than to use them. 53 percent of cybersecurity experts indicated that the proliferation of tools is actively compromising security.

ReliaQuest leader Brian Murphy says in a press release that the research shows that new tools can sometimes make the situation too complex. “Companies need to focus more on whether they can get the most out of the tools they already have.”

He also points out that companies need to pay more attention to ensuring that the tools they purchase also fit in with current security. “Security leaders need to review their core business goals, choose tools that are part of their security processes, and then rethink the process to get the best results.