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Cybersecurity company FireEye warns of the increase in hacking tools aimed at Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Research by FireEye shows that more and more such tools are being distributed, making it much easier to penetrate and manipulate business systems.

The hacking tools aimed at ICS are not a new phenomenon, but they are becoming increasingly widespread. This makes it easy for less skilled hackers to attack business systems. This increases the risk for the industrial sector to become the target of a cyber attack.

According to the security company, some tools are very outdated. However, most tools have been developed in the last decade, making many modern systems potentially vulnerable.

Siemens systems are big targets

What is also worrisome according to FireEye, is that an increasing part of the tools is focused on specific systems. Manufacturer Siemens is a popular target in this respect. The research shows that 60% of the hacking tools investigated are aimed at systems of the German manufacturer.

The hacking software investigated is also highly specialised. For example, there are various tools for scanning networks, manipulating systems, spreading malware or installing ransomware.

According to FireEye, it is important that companies are aware of the existence of these types of tools and advise companies in the sector to take appropriate measures.