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Not only people who work from home because of the corona virus are targeted by cyber attacks, hospitals are also more often targeted by hackers. In a blog post, Microsoft announces that it is actively working with such important locations to ensure that security is optimal to prevent major problems such as a ransomware attack.

To prevent hospitals from being locked out from their systems and data, Microsoft seeks contact to go through a number of vulnerabilities in the systems. By discussing possible solutions (or making suggestions for reducing certain risks), Microsoft hopes to reduce scenarios in which hospitals can do less.

“By making use of the large number of threat intelligence sources, we have found a number of hospitals in which vulnerabilities have been identified in the gateway and the VPN used. In this way, we approached the hospitals with important information about the vulnerabilities and emphasized the importance of installing certain updates that should block such vulnerabilities”.

In addition to measures to improve security, Microsoft also comes up with a list of key points containing useful detection tools for admins to monitor networks. For example, keeping track of brute-force attempts in the authentication list, or keeping track of the list in which the discarding of Event Logs is noted.

Microsoft is looking for specific contact with hospitals because these places are an attractive target for hackers who want to earn money from the corona virus outbreak using ransomware. Hospitals cannot do without their systems and because of the crowds, updating certain systems would have been on a lower level. Hackers would focus on network vulnerabilities as such systems are lower on the IT department’s priority list.