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A growing number of companies have decided to store sensitive data in the cloud. However, hybrid cloud solutions are still widely used.

This is evidenced by a report from security company Trustwave, based on a poll among 966 IT professionals. Of those respondents, 95 percent said they plan to move sensitive data to the cloud within the next two years.

Hybrid cloud still popular

Not all companies have completed the switch yet. More than half of the respondents use some combination of local storage and the cloud. Only 17 percent say they are fully dependent on the cloud.

Particularly government organisations prefer to store their data locally. Those that do use cloud solutions, usually employ multiple providers, sometimes even up to five at the time.

Fear of security risks

Still, many respondents have their doubts about the security of cloud solutions. Most of them are afraid of ransomware attacks, and an overwhelming majority fear attacks using phishing or social engineering.

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