Apple to implement privacy controls on apps “this spring.”

Apple to implement privacy controls on apps “this spring.”

Apple has announced that the company will activate its App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS early this spring. The feature will show a pop-up giving users a choice to share their data for advertising purposes.

The new feature was announced late last year. Apple wants advertisers who collect user data across multiple apps to receive permission first. To this end, users will see a similar pop-up to, for example, when an app asks for location data. The company has already announced that apps that do not display such a message will be removed from the App Store.


Both Facebook and Google have expressed their displeasure about the change. The companies think that this will lead to lost revenues. Both companies are highly dependent on the revenues from personalised advertisements.

Apple itself says it will come up with a free alternative for tracking users. Companies can still display their ads and collect clicks without exposing users to tracking, writes Reuters.

Artificial intelligence

Google itself is also developing alternatives to tracking. The company wants to build a feature into Chrome that uses artificial intelligence to create a general profile of the user. Thousands of users will get exactly the same profile, which should prevent advertisers from distinguishing specific users. The company wants to phase out the use of cookies in the next two years.