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The tool aims to make the COVID-19 remote work environment more secure.

Cloudflare has unveiled a new zero-trust tool that helps protect remote employees from cyberattacks. The web security firm this week launched what they call Cloudflare Browser Isolation. They claim it is a software package that creates a “gap” between browsers and end-user devices in order to render them more secure.

What is browser isolation?

Browser isolation is a technology that keeps browsing activity secure by separating the process of loading webpages from the user devices displaying the webpages, according to Cloudflare.

This keeps potentially malicious webpage code from running on a user’s device, and prevents malware infections and other cyber attacks from impacting both user devices and internal networks, they say.

Visiting websites and using web applications involves a web browser loading content and code from remote, untrusted sources (e.g. faraway web servers), then executing that code on a user’s device. From a security perspective, this makes browsing the web a fairly dangerous activity. Browser isolation instead loads and executes code far away from users, insulating them and the networks they connect to from the risks.

Remote or cloud-hosted browser isolation keeps untrusted browser activity as far away as possible from user devices and corporate networks, says Cloudflare. It does so by conducting a user’s web browsing activities on a cloud server controlled by a cloud vendor.

This means the user never actually loads full webpages on their device. The tool then transmits any user actions, such as mouse clicks or form submissions, to the cloud server and executes them there.

Matthew Prince, Cloudflare CEO, commented on the new launch. “Everyone uses a web browser, and that makes it the perfect target for attackers all over the world,” he said.

“We don’t believe that the most effective protection to these attacks should be restricted to a handful of large companies with huge IT teams. Cloudflare Browser Isolation can be deployed by anyone in just a few clicks and automatically protects against the majority of threats people face online.”

The solution is now available through Cloudflare for Teams.